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How To Tell If Jordans Are Real With These 8 Simple Steps

Nothing beats the real thing. It is frustrating and enraging, not to mention a waste of money to purchase a Nike Air Jordan only to find out that it was a rip-off.

Unless we look closely and unless we know what we are looking for, most fake items today look closely similar enough to the original ones that they can fool the average person.

The Jordan Shoe Boxnike jordan shoes box

Nike shoe boxes features a logo on the lid and on the side. The side where the logo is also has a label which contains the product details including the style name, size, color and country of manufacture. The same label also details the style number. Take note that the style number must have nine (9) digits.

You must also take note that the color and style of the shoe box varies depending on the style and year of the manufacture.

It will do you well to research which specific packaging corresponds to the specific shoe style.

The Inside the Jordan Shoe Labels

Check that the 9-digit style number indicated on the inside labels is the same style number found on the box label. Other product details found on the inside labels vary depending on the style as well as the year and country where it was manufactured.


how to tell if jordans are real

The Air Jordan Shoe Tongue.

High quality embroidery can be found on the tongue of most Air Jordan styles. For Jordan Air 11’s, the words “Jumpman Jordan” are embroidered into a band on the front portion of the tongue. The Jumpman logo can be found between the two words. The inside portion of the tongue has a tag with the words “Greatest Player Ever” embroidered on it. The words are stitched in white and have a Jumpman logo beneath it.Most original Nike Jordan shoes have the tags or inside labels stitched into the shoe. There are however, some styles where the tag is glued into it.

The Air Jordan Logo.

Older styles usually have the Nike logo while the new Jordan Air features the Jumpman logo. For styles featuring the Jumpman logo, check that the feet and ball in the J logo are in proportion. This logo is usually printed on the insole and embroidered into the heel.

The Jordans Sole.

The new Jordan shoe styles have a distinctive sole pattern with a Jumpman logo under the top rubber layer. The Jumpman logo is visible under a transparent outsole. This feature, however, cannot be found in all Jordan shoes.If there is no logo, check that the carbon fiber checkpoint panel on the outsole can also be seen through it. This carbon fiber has a bumpy appearance.
The Stitching. One way to tell if jordans are real is that Authentic Nikes have tight and straight stitching on the heels. The stitches are evenly spaced and cleanly finished. These high quality stitches are very difficult to replicate making them a good indicator of the shoes’ authenticity.


how to tell if jordans are fake

The Toe Box.

Unlike fake shoes, the toe box of a genuine Jordan shoe has a distinctive even shape. Since the rubber outsole is made of transparent material, the color of the shoe can be seen through it.

Authetic Jordan Shoe Colorway.

Check that the colorway of the shoes you are purchasing is an official Nike Jordan colorway. The colorway is also indicated in the shoe box. Make sure that the colorway indicated in the box is the same with the shoe style you are going to buy.


Rip-offs are proliferating in the market nowadays. You’d be wise to check and double-check your purchases so that you are certain that you are getting the real deal.