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Air jordan 11 breaks through the traditional basketball shoes concept

Air jordan 11 is the first pair of basketball shoes in the history of basketball shoes, which makes the shoes difficult to be pulled, light and gorgeous, looks more like a beautiful sports car shell. The upper is made of nylon, which completely reduces the overall weight; the sole is added with the full palm fiber carbon plate, which can effectively prevent the shoes from twisting and quickly correct the sole. After the shoe is deformed, it can recover quickly.

Designer Tinker was designing 11 when Jordan left the NBA and no one could predict if Jordan would return to the stadium and put on the shoe. When the outside world doubts the sound, the phrase "I'm back!" makes the world boil and makes AJ11 a symbol of a new era.

There is no doubt that, just in terms of design, Joe 11 has broken through the traditional basketball shoes concept, becoming a classic basketball shoe suitable for wearing, combat, and punctuality.