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AJ11 can be said to be the most popular series in AIR JORDAN

AJ11 can be said to be the most popular series in AIR JORDAN. However, the most popular color in AJ11 is AIR JORDAN 11 Concord, and the hot degree of AJ11 made Jordan more aware of the future possibilities of the brand. And through the popularity of AJ11, Jordan and Nike established the Jordan Brand brand, which separated Jordan's shoes from Nike and established itself as an independent brand.AIR JORDAN 11 can be said to be one of the most successful cases of JORDAN BRAND.

Air Jordan 11

The significance of AIR JORDAN 11 is extraordinary. This pair of sneakers has the highest position in the hearts of sneaker players. This pair of sneakers is very easy to change hands, and it is also a state of continuous value-added. At the time of sale, the fights caused by AIR JORDAN 11 and even the shooting incidents are not rare. This also reflects AIR JORDAN 11 in the eyes of the fans. Status.